I continue to practice my craft daily, whether it be pushing further into motion graphics, scoring, or learning new camera techniques; however, I feel it is my English studies which afford me the most advantage. Whether you need someone to take a project from script to final cut, or simply need help executing your ideas, I have the technical ability as well as the cultural sensitivity to ensure you say exactly what it is you mean to with your video. It's the right idea, wrapped in a layer of high production value, that we can make together.

What I Can Offer

A good video means well crafted visuals and sound supporting the most important thing: a good idea. I've been making videos since my childhood Handycam (and music for even longer); as such, the production itself is almost a given. The real challenge is in the idea, making something that not only grabs attention, but hits all the right notes.

We've all seen tone-deaf advertising, low budget videos aping some popular artist, or simply a production that feels...off, for some reason or another. That discomfort is from a cultural disconnect best addressed by semiotic analysis, something I've been practicing since high school, ultimately leading to my Master's in English Literature.