Crane Wedding 2018
KAST: Kids Are Scientists Too

An explainer video for a wonderful non-profit promoting science education for elementary students

PUSHOVER a 48 hour film project entry 2018 (horror edition)
Tom Perriello Campaign Video
Dallas - a family short
Promo for Open Mic

A video and sound collage to capture the feeling of the open mic, from the opening mic check to the drama of a great performance.

Animated logo for an Open Mic

Logo provided by client. Animated, added soundscape from field recordings.

The Grounds Keeper

Documenting an art installation. Shot, edited, original score.

Skirts live at OUR house

Single camera live shoot emulating a multi-cam music video. Shot, edited, mixed.

"Latch" (48 hour film festival project)

The final scene to a strange tale. Shot and edited.

Band Promo (After Effects)

A little After Effects practice for a free band promo

Explanatory video for an online campaign

Script provided by client. Shot and edited.